Dedicating the success of my CA journey to my father- the story of CA Vijaysree Pandey

My CA journey will always be special. 

I remember when I cleared my CPT and IPCC, we didn't celebrate. 

My father wanted to celebrate it like a national festival, the day I will clear my CA final.

Papa came from a very low background, all the way from Bihar, and did everything to give us a better education. I topped in my Tenth, Inter, and B Com. 

My father always ensured to give me the best but trained me to remain humble and focus on the final and my main goal.

Papa was a priest and astrologer but didn't have good health. 

Still, he managed to take me to all my CA classes and bought me a Scooty, and even though I had much difficulty riding it, he taught me and I overcame my fear and that helped me to go to the best faculties for my CA classes.

I couldn't clear my CA on the first attempt due to bad health and yet he still continued to encourage me and I appeared for exams and got an exemption.

Even after not clearing my second attempt, he didn't give up.

His words gave me new life and I still remember and I recently told the same to my junior too,

 "You are the best, and better than 10 qualified CAs and should not feel bad for failing in exams".

My papa use to leave all his work and only focus on me. He used to cancel all his appointments and drop and pick me from exams, do all special prayers for me.

I am sure if it was not for him and his encouragement, I would have dropped CA, as I always topped in my academics. Failing twice seemed like the end of my life.

I again tried with the best of my best efforts and I finally cleared CA with 5 exemptions in the 3rd attempt.

But I was not as happy with my 3rd attempt as in my first 2 attempts. 

I lost my dearest Papa 20 days before my results. 

The world seemed meaningless. 

He was in my all steps of struggle and when we both finally succeeded, he was not there and I didn't celebrate.

All my celebrations were due and after 3 years my family did get me a cake. But my heart knows, and will always know, the biggest celebration would be if I am able to tell my Papa that I am a CA now and see his sparkling eyes and beautiful smile.

I am a CA today because he didn't leave any stone unturned for me.


This is the story of CA Vijayshree Pandey

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