Microsoft introduced Windows Co-pilot for AI assistance in Windows 11.

Discover how Microsoft introduces Windows Co-pilot, an AI assistance feature integrated into Windows 11, to enhance user productivity. Learn about its capabilities, including content summarization and rewriting, and the focus Microsoft places on AI for a better future.

In June, Microsoft 11 will launch a preview to help its users be able to work more efficiently and take prompt action through this new feature.

In the annual build conference in 2023, Microsoft came up with a new proposal of integrating the power of AI in Windows 11. Since the start of the year, Microsoft has placed emphasis on the power of AI towards building a better future. It will be like copilot sidebars that Edge, GitHub, and Office applications have but it will be directly integrated into Windows.

The Windows co-pilot will assist users by addressing problems like summarizing the content and using and rewriting the content. 

Over the past few months, it was evident that Microsoft will be going forward with AI on a priority basis. The announcement made Windows 11 the first platform that can help people to take action and get things done faster. 

They have also announced to the introduction of Dev Home to assist developers to become more productive with Windows. The days of navigating through the PC's settings to adjust the brightness or dim the night lights will be over with Windows 11.Windows 11. 

 Microsofts focus on AI has been seen during the release of Bing Chatbot and Image Creator. 

Even in a conference Satya Nadella even confessed that most of the official communications centered AI.

- Kratika Agarwal

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