On Tuesday, Chinese Civilian Astronauts will be sent to space

China is seet to combat U.S and Russia with it's space mission. On Tuesday, it will give a lift to it's ambitions by launching three civilian astronauts to Tiangong space station.

As a part of its crewed mission to the Tiangong Space Station, China will send its first civilian astronaut to space on Tuesday.

This was announced as Beijing attempts to give more lift to its extra-terrestrial ambitions. China is known to have invested many billions of dollars in its space program. The world’s second-largest economy is trying to catch up with the United States and Russia's dominance over space.

As per Spokesperson Lin Xiqiang of China Manned Space Agency, Gui Haichao, a professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the Payload Expert for the project. He will handle responsibility for on-orbit operations of the space science experimental payloads. Gui hailed from an Ordinary Family in the province of Yunnan in the west. His interest in aerospace sparked when he listened to the news about China’s first man in space. He told his story through a social media post.

Jinh Haipeng is Commander, Er. Zhu Yangzhu is the third crew member, according to sources

The mission will take off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on Tuesday at nearly 9: 30 AM in the morning. 

By 2029, China’s National Space Administration has aimed to launch a Lunar Mission. 

The space station Tiangong is expected to remain in Earth’s low orbit between 400-450 kilometers. The rotating teams of three astronauts will conduct experiments and test techniques. The sources have also mentioned that Beijing is open to foreign collaborations. 

Since 2011, When the US banned NASA from engaging with the country, China has been excluded from  International Space Station.

- Kratika Agarwal

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