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Rising from grief: the story of CA Vaishali Gupta

“Never give up on something you really want. It is difficult to wait but even more difficult to regret.”

Seven years back from now, I dreamt of completing my father’s dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

My father hailed from Punjab and was studying for his CA at Delhi. This was the period post-1984 when the state faced major riots due to Operation Blue Star at Golden Temple.

He decided to leave his studies and get his family settled in Delhi. Thereafter he dreamt to see his only child i.e. me, becoming a CA.

As I gave my CPT exam and started with my IPCC classes, he was hospitalized. My father’s dream and belief in me motivated me not to miss on my studies. The hospital became my home for those two months and I decided to up-down for my classes from there only.

After two months of hospitalization, we couldn’t save him. I was completely blank.

Few days thereafter, I had developed severe tongue blisters to an extent that I couldn’t even eat anything. Medical tests reported severe nutritional deficiency that a person couldn’t even survive. Doctors were surprised on seeing my reports. Even after attending 10-15 doctors along with 100s of medical tests, we couldn’t find any cause for the same. The deficiency was recurring even after undergoing its treatment, perhaps due to the emotional setback I faced. I realized that spending so much time on such visits and treatment was becoming an obstacle in my path.

This was December 2014.

I asked myself “Can I survive like this for another 11 months till my IPCC exams?

The answer seemed “yes, I’ll manage“. 

I decided to leave my treatment and focus wholeheartedly to fulfill my father’s dream. It was very difficult to convince my mother for treatment postponement but she supported me seeing my willingness and became my pillar of strength. It had to be a Do-or-Die situation.

Being almost unable to eat anything, I skipped on my meals and went completely on a liquid diet. My mother managed it the best she could.

All the physical and mental bearings were under the blanket of the long-term vision that my father had for me.

2nd February 2016 – The results came and it was an All India Rank 11th.

“I could make my father proud. 

I could make my mother proud.

What else did I aim for? Nothing.”

Thereafter I got my treatment completed and the rest all followed with All India Rank 11th at CA Finals as well.

An MBA from the Top 3 IIMs was always on my plans but post-CA I didn’t have any courage left to take this further. Here my mother didn’t let me give up saying “What’s the purpose of coming so far if you can’t take it to the end?”  and finally I made it to IIM Bangalore.

I owe cent percent of whatever bit I could do or whatever I would be doing to my mother. No matter who all you have in your life, you will always find your parents standing up for you when you need them the most. 

Cherish them! Always!

I have never discussed my story with anyone and even today, it took a lot of courage for me to pen this down. My sole purpose in writing this is to reach out to everyone who is suffering in this pandemic (physically/emotionally) and assure them that God is always there with us. We just need to have true faith in Him. If the things are not happening as per our will, then they are happening as per the will of God and He will never think ill of us. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Never lose hope. Never give up.


Vaishali Gupta

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