an investment of Rs 18,000 in Integra Essentia (10,000 shares) in early June would've amounted to Rs 60,500 in less than 2 months...

We at Jobaaj reported about the 15-day consecutive jump of Hindustan Motors. However this time, a small cap stock beat the automobile legend as this stock jumped for 31 consecutive sessions! 

Integra Essentia Ltd. (IEL) is an Apparels company that was incorporated in 2007 as Integra Garments & Textiles Ltd (which was changed to IEL in February 2022). The company manufactures readymade garments and is part of the Piramal Ashok Group. The company is also engaged in the business of agro products, infrastructure, energy, and other ancillary products and services required to sustain modern life.

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The earliest record of the stock dates to October 2013 when it was priced at Rs 4.15 per share. In a month, the stock lost 41% of its value as it declined to Rs 2.45 per share.

By January 2014, the stock fell below Rs 2 to close at Rs 1.95 per share. The stock declined consistently in the coming weeks as it hit a lifetime low of Rs 1.25 per share in May 2014.

However, after hitting the low, the stock rebounded as it began rising. It showed significant growth during the second half of 2014 as it reached Rs 3.15 in October 2014, growing 152% in 5 months. 

By the end of 2016, the stock had reached a lifetime high of Rs 4.70 per share. However, the stock entered a downtrend soon as it began declining. The decline was stronger this time as the stock breached Rs 1 in May 2019 and touched a fresh lifetime low of Rs 0.15 per share, its lowest price to date. 

June 2020 brought renewed interest in the stock as the stock began rising once again. However, the stock's rise was a lot faster this time around as it jumped for 2 months consecutively and reached Rs 3 per share, growing 1,100% in 2 months. 

In February 2022, the stock carried out a split after which it was trading at Rs 1.70 per share followed by a rights issue in May 2022. Moreover, the stock recently received a large order of Rs 11 crores, taking its order book to 29 crores in the current fiscal. The stock began jumping in June as it jumped for 31 consecutive sessions, to reach its lifetime high of Rs 6.05 on Friday, marking a 236% gain in 31 trading sessions! 

For simplicity of calculation, an investment of Rs 18,000 in the stock (10,000 shares) in early June would've amounted to Rs 60,500 in less than 2 months! However, we at Jobaaj prefer not to invest and guide our readers against investing in stocks that are unpredictable like IEL. 

Today, the stock is trading at Rs 6.35 per share, up 5%.

Article by Aman Agarwal. 

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