Adda247, a Google-backed edtech platform, has acquired Veeksha, a company specializing in 3D instructional content for students. This acquisition will enable Adda247 to offer cutting-edge 3D/AR/VR immersive learning tools, benefiting K12 and JEE/NEET aspirants.

In order to provide students with 3D experiences, the Google-backed edtech platform Adda247 said on Monday that it has acquired Veeksha for an unknown fee.

Veeksha, a company based in Ahmedabad, creates 3D instructional content to improve the learning experience for students. It was founded in 2021 by Gaurishankar Singh, Hariprasad Bommidi and Miral Songhela. 

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Additionally, Veeksha will be incorporated into Adda247 as a result of this transaction, creating total vision synergies. With Veeksha, Adda247 will be better able to serve K12 and JEE/NEET aspirants by offering the most up-to-date 3D/AR/VR immersive learning tools.

According to Adda247's founder and CEO, Anil Nagar, "With Veeksha, we plan to simplify complex concepts into simple 3D visualizations, virtual experiments, and explanatory videos, ultimately leading students to perform better."

Gaurishankar Singh, co-founder of Veeksha, commented on the agreement, saying "Adda247's large user base, along with our ability to create 3D visualized content, can pave the way for exciting advancements in education with AR/VR."

According to Add247, there are 2 million+ paying subscribers and 50 million monthly active users. In October 2022, the firm received $35 Mn in capital from companies including Google, WestBridge Capital, Info Edge, and Asha Impact. Competitors of Adda247 include BYJU's, PhysicsWallah, and Unacademy.

The news of this acquisition came amidst the funding winter and with the edtech business still suffering after the pandemic situation. It is to be seen what will be the outcome for this acquisition.

- Charu Kapoor

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