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How to pursue Industrial training from EY

Ernst and Young is a name that needs no introduction. This is one of the 4 greatest accounting and auditing firms which are well known all around the world. This is also the place where almost every professional in the accounting, auditing, and finance domain wants to work. 

Adding to that, EY is ranked among the Fortune 25 best companies to work for. Furthermore, Ernst & Young has been named one of the Best Companies to Work For in India for 2019.

Ernst & Young (EY) is a global professional services firm with more than 700 offices in 150 countries. Assurance, advisory, tax, and transaction advisory services are the four service lines in which it primarily operates. An internship at EY is, unsurprisingly, a dream come true for many MBA, CA, and commerce students.

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Like others in the great big 4 firms, EY also provides professional industrial training in different domains of learning. 

To be a part of this company even as an intern is a really big deal. Your interest in this shows you are one of those aspiring candidates who want to pursue industrial training at EY. 

Here are given the details about the professional training program, stages, the process to apply, duration, and other important things related to industrial training from EY.

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Key takeaways

  • To be considered for an internship or industrial training at EY, you must apply online, go through Campus Recruitment, HR, or be referred by an employee.
  • Your interview process will include in-person, phone, and video interviews.
  • They may also require you to complete a written test, either online or at a testing center.
  • The four service lines in which EY primarily operates are assurance, advisory, tax, and transaction advisory services.
  • EY is one of the Fortune 25 best places to work in the world. Ernst & Young has been recognized as one of India’s Best Companies to Work For in 2019.

Things you need to know about the industrial training process at EY. 

Let us start first, with the application process as this is how you enter the company. 

The application process

Apply online 

You can search for internships and apply by creating an account on the EY official website

The EY application process consists of eight steps in which you must upload your resume and complete a questionnaire, as well as provide personal information and educational information.

Campus Recruitment 

Through campus recruitment, there are three ways to get an EY internship:

  • An on-campus recruitment drive usually consists of four steps: 
  1. a written aptitude test, 
  2. a group discussion, 
  3. an HR interview, 
  4. and a technical interview. 

        You can learn more about this by contacting your college’s placement office.

  • You can participate in a unique EY workshop called ‘Tax Outreach,’ which is held at various colleges. The students are evaluated at the end of the workshop, and the student with the highest score is offered an internship.
  • If you are a commerce or humanities student, you can apply for an EY scholarship, which is a business case competition in which you can win INR 1 lac and a two-month internship at EY if you win.

HR and employee referral 

You can contact EY employees through LinkedIn and ask them to refer you or connect you with the appropriate person. You can also contact the HR department of the EY office where you want to work directly.

These are the ways to get yourself enrolled for an internship at EY. Training here under professional trainers will prepare you for real-life industrial experience and environment. 

Now, the more important part is living in a perpetual state of suspense about the selection. It is important to know the next step once your application is on the desk of authority or on their computer screen. 

Here you need to maintain your positivity. 

Keep thinking about it but meanwhile, it is important to focus on interview tips and tricks. 

Watch YoutTube videos, or discuss with the professionals, if possible try to reach a person who has worked in EY or had industrial training there. 

There are given some questions for your reference but first, let us focus now on application tracking at EY. 

The Application tracking process 

The EY hiring process starts with a resume screening. There will be either an aptitude test or a telephonic interview with HR and an on-site interview with your potential manager. 

The majority of questions revolve around your resume in order to determine whether your interests and experiences align with EY’s cultural values. 

EY’s HR interview questions are also a great chance for you to determine if their company is a good fit for you. So feel free to inquire about their work culture.

Once things are in your favor there will be the interview mentioned above. 

Make sure you have studied well before they call you for the interview. If it is so, then congratulate yourself but never forget that in an interview you need to be formal not over casual. 

Important Questions for Interview. 

  1.  What motivated you to apply for this position?
  2.  Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership abilities.
  3.  Why are you interested in interning at EY?
  4.  Describe a time when you had to collaborate with a teammate who took a different approach than you.
  5.  Tell me about yourself that isn’t listed on your resume.

The following are some examples of questions asked in an EY interview for a data science profile: 

  1. What is the definition of a covariance matrix?
  2. In SQL, how do you join tables?
  3. What is an object-oriented model, and how does it work?

Consider what you want to say about yourself, relevant work experience, and your thoughts on current market trends and industry developments.

They want to get to know you as a person and learn about your strengths and what makes you special. 

However, because this is a two-way process, it’s also your chance to see if EY India is the right fit for you. You’ll be encouraged to ask them questions about the role’s scope, their expectations, what they have to offer, and their vision for how you could collaborate.

As you are aware, In-person, phone, and video interviews will all be part of your interview experience.  They might also ask you to take a written test, either online or in a testing center.

Because different roles require different skills, the exact structure and content will vary depending on the country, service line, and role to which you apply.

They’ll stay in touch and give you feedback and recommendations for the next steps.

Ready to join? 

They’ll make you a formal offer in writing if you successfully complete the interview process.

You can ask any questions you want, and once you’re ready to accept, they’ll await your confirmation and look forward to welcoming you on board.

Joining a new company can be stressful, which is why they provide a global onboarding technology portal to make your transition to EY India as easy as possible. Prior to joining us, you’ll probably be excited, informed, and ready to accomplish all required tasks.

EY India has a large community of people waiting to welcome you from the point in time you accept the offer. 

You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues and participate in ongoing orientation programs tailored to your level of experience after your initial induction. 

As you begin your outstanding EY experience, their goal will be to make you feel appreciated and to provide you with every opportunity to succeed.

What to expect once the internship starts

The EY internship program is well-organized, with a strong emphasis on mentorship. Regular check-ins will be held to discuss your internship experience and progress. 

Despite the fact that you will be trained, you will be encouraged to take ownership of your work. As an intern at EY, you will be treated as if you were a full-time employee and given similar responsibilities. 

You will also have access to a variety of educational courses that will assist you in developing relevant skills in a technologically driven world.

Ernst & Young provides interns with a rich social experience in addition to ensuring that they receive real and professional experience. You can expect lots of career fairs where you can meet other interns and employees and form relationships with them. 

Ex-interns advise that even if you are not a social person, you should try and make the most of these events because they will help you explore more opportunities and gain a better perspective on your career. 

Not only that but there’s more! EY also offers volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas, including climate change, gender equality, workplace diversity and inclusion, and so on. 

As a result, you’ll be working at one of the best places to work while also helping to shape a better working future for everyone. 

Hope this was helpful,

Thanks for Reading!

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