Recent investigations have exposed a scam regarding the Illegal operations of approximately 15 doctors in 449 medical centers. Demanding strict action to focus on ensuring the integrity of healthcare services.

A significant scam has recently come to light during the verification process to renew licenses for hospitals and clinics in Agra and nearby districts. It has been discovered that approximately 15 doctors were illegally providing full-time services in 449 healthcare establishments registered under their names. 

Chief medical officer (CMO) Arun Kumar Srivastava on Monday said, “Notices have been sent to these doctors. The matter is being investigated in detail.”

According to sources, individuals who are not qualified medical practitioners have been obtaining licenses in the names of doctors from the health department to operate hospitals, clinics, and pathology labs. The scam was exposed when the Uttar Pradesh government introduced an online license renewal process earlier this year.

The list of doctors involved in this fraudulent activity includes physicians, cardiologists, pediatricians, and surgeons. Health department records indicate that during the period of  2022 - 23, a total of 1,269 medical centers were registered. Among these, there were 494 hospitals, 493 clinics, 170 pathology labs, 104 diagnostics centers, seven sample collection centers, and one dialysis center.

Following a thorough verification procedure, the health department has already finished the renewal of registration for 570 hospitals and clinics for the year 2023–2024. 

“In various cases, hospitals and clinics applying for renewal of license have not provided the required details related to trained paramedical staff, compliance with fire safety norms, and disposal of medical waste. Information provided regarding bed capacity and other facilities is also suspicious,” the official said.

President of Indian Medical Association (Agra), Dr O.P. Yadav said, “This is a serious issue. We condemn such practices and will support the health department in taking necessary steps. The government should also take strict action against such centers and medical practitioners associated with them.”

Harshita Kumar

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