Road blockages, flash flooding, and the rescue of trapped travelers also West Sikkim's Rimbi that has caused infrastructure damage and stranded tourists.

A flash flood engulfed highway NH-10, resulting from heavy rains on Thursday.

The flood has caused severe damage to infrastructure along the highway which made it unsafe for passers and tourists in the nearby areas. It is stated that it may take more time for the highway to reopen for traffic. Currently, authorities are addressing the situation and the organizations are working to clear off the debris from the affected places.

The current situation has also stranded approx. 2000 tourists and all permits to popular locations like Tsomgo lake, Baba Mandir, Nathula and North Sikkim till any further notice.

The reason for the road blockage is also the landslide at the thirteenth mile and thulo Khola, and JN Road of the Gangtok-Nathula route.

It is also reported that flash flooding has cut off North Sikkim's Lachen and Lachung from the rest of the state.

Few days ago, A car carrying tourists was also trapped amid heavy rains on Singdam-dichku road. The travellers were rescued by the local border organization.

In Rimbi, located in West Sikkim, a 90-year-old cattleman named Ash Lall Limboo, hailing from Darap, West Sikkim, is believed to have been carried away by the surging waters of the Rimbi River. An investigation into the occurrence has been opened by the authorities.

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