Maharashtra's forest department achieved a Guinness World Record at Tadoba Festival 2024 by arranging 65,724 saplings to spell 'Bharat Mata.' State Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar praised the milestone

Tadoba Festival 2024 Witnesses Remarkable Feat by Maharashtra's Forest Department

In a spectacular display of environmental artistry, Maharashtra's forest department has secured a coveted place in the Guinness World Records during the ongoing Tadoba Festival 2024. Using a staggering total of 65,724 saplings, the department orchestrated the formation of the phrase 'Bharat Mata,' claiming the title for the 'largest potted sapling word.'

Social Media Abuzz as Maharashtra Forest Department Shines at Tadoba Mahotsav 2024

Captivating the audience at the Tadoba Festival in Chandrapur, a video showcasing the meticulous arrangement of saplings to spell out 'Bharat Mata' has taken social media by storm. Shared on Instagram by All India Radio (AIR) News, the video has garnered widespread admiration, showcasing the forest department's commitment to environmental initiatives.

State Forest Minister Applauds Milestone Achievement at Tadoba Mahotsav 2024

State Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar expressed his congratulations to the forest department for their outstanding achievement during the ongoing 'Tadoba Mahotsav 2024.' Commending the meticulous effort, he participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Tadoba Festival in Chandrapur, where 65,724 saplings of 26 different species were ingeniously used to compose the powerful message of 'Bharat Mata.'

Witnessing this eco-friendly spectacle, the audience at the Tadoba Festival was treated to a close-up view of the saplings, showcasing the dedication and creativity behind this record-setting endeavor. The video concludes with officials from the record-keeping organization presenting Minister Mungantiwar and other dignitaries on stage with the well-deserved certificate, marking a historic moment at the Tadoba Mahotsav 2024.


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