Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is conducting trials for QR code-based ticketing, allowing commuters to scan QR codes and pass through AFC gates. The new system aims to enhance efficiency and provide a user-friendly experience.

While entering any metro station you might’ve also prayed for less or no queue near the token office. Well, DMRC is looking forward to resolving this by the end of this month. DMRC or Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is conducting trials for trying out the application which can let one can scan the QR to pass through the Automatic Fare Collection Gates (AFCG).

In order to use the new advanced QR technology to generate e-tickets users have to download Dehli Metro Rail App. There will be multiple options to make the payment through the app for the metro fare.

It is done in view to use technology to the benefit of those not using Metro Cards. As per the estimates, 75% of Delhi travelers use Smart Cards for traveling. DMRC is known to have daily ridership standing at 5.5 to 6 million journeys. 

Even after the ongoing plans to facilitate the e-ticketing system soon, people will still have the option of using tokens for the same purpose. With possible influence by E-ticketing DMRC is still willing to take tokens in the long run.

Past few months, DMRC is looking forward to making a much more efficient system.DMRC introduced QR code-based paper tickets on all Metro lines, aiming to enhance the commuting experience. Although some commuters faced glitches, DMRC is committed to improving the technology, addressing issues, and ensuring a smoother transition for a more efficient and user-friendly ticketing experience in Delhi.

Kratika Agarwal

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