Odisha's political landscape shifts as Mohan Charan Majhi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) becomes the new Chief Minister, ending Naveen Patnaik's 24-year tenure.

Odisha has chosen Mohan Charan Majhi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to be its next chief minister, replacing Naveen Patnaik, who served for 24 years. This is a historic political development. Following the BJP's resounding victory in the state assembly elections, which were held in tandem with the Lok Sabha elections and saw them win 78 out of 147 seats, there has been a notable shift.

In the Keonjhar Assembly constituency, Mohan Charan Majhi prevailed over Biju Janata Dal (BJD) candidate Minu Majhi by a margin of 11,577 votes. His victory is crucial for the BJP in Odisha.

  • Political Journey:

A prominent figure in the tribal community, Majhi first won a seat in the Odisha Legislative Assembly in 2000. He represented the Keonjhar constituency from 2000 to 2009 and again from 2019 onwards.

  • Early Achievements:

In the 2000 Odisha Assembly elections, Majhi defeated Congress candidate Jagadish Naik by a substantial margin of 22,163 votes. He maintained his momentum in 2004, winning against Congress candidate Madhab Sardar by 11,002 votes.

  • Recent Success:

After two successive losses in 2009 and 2014 to BJD candidates, Majhi made a strong comeback in the 2019 elections, securing his position as a key political player in Keonjhar.

Majhi is well-known for his commitment to public service and his ability to stay organized. He has established a solid reputation as a capable leader. His attention to the concerns of his constituents has won him a great deal of respect in Odisha.

Union Minister Bhupender Yadav and Union Minister Rajnath Singh were present as observers at the BJP parliamentary party meeting when Majhi was chosen to become the new chief minister. This action is perceived as the BJP's calculated attempt to increase its influence in the mineral-rich state of Odisha.

Major progress and stability have been achieved in Odisha under Naveen Patnaik's stint as chief minister. With his departure, a protracted period of time comes to an end, and Mohan Charan Majhi assumes new leadership. There is a significant legacy of Patnaik's government, and it is unclear how Majhi's administration will direct the state's destiny.

Majhi's government will have to deal with a number of issues, including infrastructure development, economic growth, and making sure social welfare programs are able to reach the state's rural and tribal inhabitants. In order to resolve these problems and keep the electoral promises made by the BJP, his leadership would be essential.

An important political change in Odisha has occurred with the appointment of Mohan Charan Majhi as Chief Minister. There is much curiosity in seeing how Majhi will handle the upcoming hurdles and carry out his plans for Odisha's growth when the BJP forms its first government in the state. This political shift paves the way for potentially revolutionary adjustments to the state's programs and system of government.


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