Discover the latest investment developments in Odisha as the government accepts 18 bids worth Rs 3,457 crore, leading to the creation of 14,436 job opportunities. Learn about the projects approved across various sectors and how Odisha is emerging as a leader.

According to an official, the Odisha government has accepted 18 investment bids totalling Rs 3,457 crore that would employ at least 14,436 people. The Make in Odisha Conclave 2022 saw the receipt of at least ten of these investment intentions, according to the official.

The projects include the construction of a 1020 MT high-end refractory products plant by TYK Corporation in the Jajpur district, a manufacturing facility for acidic refractory bricks, acidic politics, refractory bricks, steel casting flux, and precast pre-fired shaped refractory by Calderys India Refractories Limited, a poultry feed manufacturing facility by Abis Exports India Pvt Ltd in Badachana of the Jajpur district with a 161.57 crore investment and 1000MWh battery pack in the Khurda district by OgoEnergy India Private Limited with a 201 crore investment.

From the projects received, the government has provided a green light to nine projects in the metal sector, five in the agro- and food-processing sector, one in the textiles, cement, IT and ESDM, and pharmaceuticals sectors, and one project in the agro- and food-processing sector.

Due to its advantage in terms of natural resources, Odisha has been a pioneer in the mining and metallurgical industries. The state government has further taken advantage of this to create a metal ecosystem in the state. 

As per the official, Odisha is emerging as the industry leader in the downstream and auxiliary metal industry, even if it continues to dominate in the production of steel, stainless steel, alumina, and aluminium. And with this, the state even fosters increased employment as well.

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