Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocates for 'Wed in India,' urging affluent families to choose Uttarakhand for destination weddings, aiming to transform the state into a global wedding hub. Explore his vision to stimulate local economies and position India as a top choice for international events.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advocated for a new initiative called 'Wed in India,' drawing parallels to the successful 'Make in India' campaign.

He urged affluent individuals to embrace this movement, encouraging them to organize at least one destination wedding annually in Uttarakhand, envisioning the state as a rising wedding destination.

During the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit's inaugural session, PM Modi expressed concerns over the trend of affluent families choosing foreign locales for destination weddings. He emphasized the importance of reversing this trend, urging prosperous families to opt for India as their wedding destination.

Source: Deccan Herald

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In his address, Modi highlighted the concept of 'Wed in India,' proposing that if wealthy families commit to hosting destination weddings in Uttarakhand for the next five years, the state could emerge as an international wedding hub. He envisioned significant growth potential for Uttarakhand, foreseeing the possibility of developing infrastructure to accommodate around 5,000 weddings annually due to this initiative.

Source: BW Businessworld

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The Prime Minister emphasized India's capability to effect change and encouraged collective decision-making for the greater good. Describing Uttarakhand as a region brimming with potential, Modi shared his affinity for the state, acknowledging its pivotal role in his personal development during his formative years spent in the hills. Modi's vision aligns with the broader objective of promoting domestic destinations for significant events, stimulating local economies, and positioning India as a preferred choice for international events.

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