Chirag Paswan, leader of the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) in Bihar, has become a key figure for the NDA. His party won all contested seats, showing his loyalty to PM Modi and the BJP.

Chirag Paswan, the leader of the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) in Bihar, has become a significant figure for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), especially in Bihar. His party won all five Lok Sabha seats it contested for in the state, making him a valuable asset for the NDA.

Paswan has always been loyal to the BJP-led NDA. Even when his uncle, Pashupati Paras, left the LJP and joined the NDA government as a Union Minister, Chirag Paswan stayed faithful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party.

The family feud started after the death of Chirag Paswan's father, Ram Vilas Paswan, in 2020. Following his father's demise, there was a split in the LJP. Pashupati Paras, Ram Vilas Paswan's younger brother, formed his own faction with four MPs.

Despite the family disagreements, the BJP's decision to allocate five seats to Chirag Paswan's LJP faction, excluding Pashupati Paras from the seat-sharing agreement in Bihar, proved to be advantageous. Chirag Paswan's party contested in Hajipur, Jamui, Khagaria, Samastipur, and Vaishali, winning all of them convincingly.

Among these victories, the win in the Hajipur seat was particularly remarkable. Chirag Paswan secured the seat with a significant margin 1,70,105 seats, showcasing his strong connection with the people and his father's enduring legacy in the region.

Chirag Paswan's success and loyalty have earned him the title of "Hanuman" by some, drawing parallels to the loyal devotee of Lord Rama from Hindu mythology. His commitment to the NDA and his ability to secure victories in Bihar have solidified his position as a key figure within the alliance.

Lastly, Chirag Paswan's statement stating himself as Modi's "Hanuman" underscores his importance within the NDA, particularly in Bihar. His unwavering loyalty and electoral success have positioned him as a formidable force in the state's political landscape, strengthening the NDA's hold and highlighting his significance as a key ally for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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