In just 12 hours for Ayodhya's Ram Temple consecration at Surya Kund. Nimit Singh, associated with an NGO, shares the journey, highlighting the cleanliness and affordability of these diyas. Pooja Sahu, IAS officer, praises the positive impact on local women's employment. Government officials estimate 10 lakh traditional oil lamps will light up Ayodhya on January 22.

In just 12 hours, a group of 300 women from Barabanki showcased remarkable craftsmanship by creating one lakh beeswax diyas. According to officials, These eco-friendly lamps will illuminate Ayodhya during the Ram Temple consecration ceremony, specifically at Surya Kund

Nimit Singh (33), associated with an NGO, shared that he received an order for one lakh beeswax diyas from the Ayodhya Municipal Commission office on January 18, with each diya costing Rs 5 and a total contract value of Rs 5 lakh.

In response, About 300 women from Chainpurwa and Rajauli villages, driven by devotion and a desire to contribute to the sacred occasion, worked tirelessly throughout the night, completing the task in a record time of 12 hours. The diyas were delivered to the Ayodhya Municipal Commission's office on Saturday (January 20), Singh mentioned.

Highlighting the benefits of these beeswax diyas, Singh noted that, unlike traditional oil lamps, they keep the area clean, and no paints are used in their production.

Pooja Sahu, an IAS officer, and Masodha Block Development Officer stated that the Commission was impressed by the eco-friendliness, affordability, and positive impact on local women's employment brought about by these unique beeswax diyas.

Government officials estimate that approximately 10 lakh traditional oil lamps will be lit in Ayodhya on January 22.

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