Watch ISRO launch the weather satellite INSAT-3DS with the GSLV F14 rocket today. This mission will help improve weather reports and warnings about natural disasters in India.

ISRO is Ready for a Key Satellite Launch Today at 5:35 PM

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set for an important event today. They're launching a weather satellite named INSAT-3DS using their GSLV F14 rocket. This launch is happening at Sriharikota, a place in Andhra Pradesh, at 5:35 PM. The goal? To make weather forecasts better and help warn people about natural disasters sooner. This satellite, INSAT-3DS, is special because it can check the ocean's surface and help in preventing disasters. It's a big deal for India's weather teams.

But there's a twist. The rocket carrying this satellite, the GSLV F14, is often called the "naughty boy" by the people at ISRO. Why? Because it's had its share of problems. Out of 15 times it's flown, it didn't work right 6 times. That's a 40% chance of something going wrong. Even though its last flight in May 2023 went well, the one before that didn't.

Today's mission is really important. It will take over from two older satellites, making sure we keep getting good weather information and help with things like rescue missions. So, everyone's hoping the "naughty boy" behaves this time and helps put the INSAT-3DS where it needs to be.


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