Know how Vyommitra, an autonomous astronaut, is getting ready for her first space trip before Gaganyaan's crewed mission.

India's Space Research Organisation (ISRO) plans to send a robot named 'Vyommitra' to space before its first crewed mission called 'Gaganyaan.' This robot, designed to look and act somewhat like a human, will head into space in the latter part of this year, according to space minister Jitendra Singh. The final mission with astronauts on board is set for 2025.

'Vyommitra' combines two Sanskrit words meaning 'space friend,' reflecting its role as a helper in space. It can check how the spacecraft is doing, send out warnings if needed, support life inside the spacecraft, and even handle tasks such as working with control panels and answering questions. This robot was first introduced in 2021 at a spaceflight event.

Before sending people to space, ISRO completed several tests last year, including ones to ensure astronauts could safely escape and parachute if necessary. The rocket for the mission is also ready, having passed all necessary checks.

The 'Gaganyaan' mission aims to send three astronauts about 400 kilometers above Earth and then bring them back safely. Before the crewed flight, ISRO is doing several test missions to make sure everything works perfectly. These tests include dropping equipment from the air, testing escape systems, and flying test vehicles. This careful planning is all about making sure the astronauts can go to space and return home safely.


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