Mixed Reality could be the new reality in a few years - Metaverse

Meta Platforms Inc. the owner of Facebook has finally revealed a more specific aspect of its vision in the creation of the Metaverse. 

In talks with advertising agencies, Meta has described how Mixed reality is just a few years away from becoming a new reality for consumers.

Mixed Reality (MR) is when Virtual and physical reality are combined using technology to give an enhanced experience of reality to consumers.

In Mixed Reality, Users can interact with Virtual reality using real-life objects. For example, being able to hit a ball in a video game with a real-life cricket bat.

Technological advancement of such a scale will truly be revolutionary if it actually comes to fruition. 

When speaking about Mixed Reality, it is one of the three types of extended realities associated with the metaverse.

We have Augmented reality where our real-life surroundings or environment are enhanced by the addition of digital elements on live-view. These are often interacted with by cameras on our smartphones. A great example of this would be the online game Pokemon Go.

Then, we have Virtual Reality where the real-life surroundings are completely replaced by a simulated one. One can interact with the simulated and virtual environment using VR glasses and cameras.

The third kind of reality which is the crux of the conversation here is Mixed Reality, which is the latest to-be innovation in the multiverse, combining the physical and virtual realities to bring forward an experience where we will be able to interact with the simulated environment using real-life objects.

Although Meta declares that it might be a decade until such a feature could practically be rolled out for consumers, it is in the making.

The discussion on Mixed Reality was one of Meta's first roundtable conference with advertising agencies about the Metaverse. The discussion happened over a Zoom call on Thursday.

Although Mixed reality for consumers might be far away, for now, Meta did announce a related project named Cambria last year in October.

The Project Cambria works on a headset that has mixed reality capabilities and involves, face and eye-tracking. The headset is expected to release this year.

In the conference, Meta has also continued to advise advertisers to experiment with augmented reality ads. Examples of such ads are photo and video filters that overlay digital images in the real world. 

Meta said brands are encouraged to partner with content creators on AR ads or use the technology of Augmented reality to give a virtual clothing try-on experience to the consumers.


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