Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, addresses China's rise as an

Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, highlighted China's growing influence and military capabilities in a New Hampshire speech, highlighting its "existential threat" to the US and the world.

Haley claimed that China has not only taken American manufacturing jobs but has also stolen trade secrets and gained control of critical industries such as medicine and advanced technology. China's rapid economic growth and desire to become the world's first are driven by the Communist Party's goal to establish a robust military.

The former South Carolina governor claimed that China's military capabilities are comparable to if even surpassing, those of the United States in some aspects. She expressed concern about China's confidence, citing the deployment of spy balloons in American skies and the construction of a spy base near Cuban shores. Haley consistently stated that the Chinese Communist Party was preparing for war with the intention of winning.

Along with her approach to foreign policy, Haley outlined her economic plan, which includes significant financial relief for middle-class Americans. She promised middle-class families tax relief, the removal of federal gas and diesel taxes, and a commitment to allocate funds for road construction without diverting resources to unrelated projects. Haley also promised to eliminate President Joe Biden's green energy subsidies and to cut income taxes for working families.

Haley proposes term limits for politicians and bureaucrats to prevent power grabs and corruption, emphasizing public service as an honor, accountability, and performance-driven government employees.

Haley emphasizes a robust response to China's geopolitical ambitions, emphasizing economic and security measures. She refuses spending bills that don't restore US spending to pre-Covid levels.

"We're not talking about spending levels from the 1950s here; we're talking about just four years ago. During the pandemic, we have seen a massive - and in many ways foolish - increase in spending. However, the pandemic has ended. It's ridiculous to keep spending at these ridiculous levels "She stated.

"Under my plan, we will not only have term limits for politicians but also for bureaucrats." No bureaucrat should stay in the same job for more than five years.

Haley argues that improving public servants and preventing corruption in the government should be prioritized, with the firing of non-performing employees as a privilege, not a right.

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