Two hundred rescue workers were dispatched to the scene. Workers are racing against time to find those who went missing during China Landslide

In the early hours of Monday morning, a landslide hit two villages in the mountainous Zhengxiong County, catching residents unaware as they slept. 

After over 30 hours, the death toll from the landslide in China's Yunnan province has climbed to 20. Despite facing freezing temperatures and snow, rescue workers persist in their efforts to find numerous missing individuals in the aftermath of this tragic event.

Highlighting the situation, a rescuer mentioned that the deployment of large machinery is impeded by the unstable soil, as reported by The Cover, a local media outlet owned by the Sichuan Daily Newspaper Press Group.

"If the excavation is unloaded below, the top may continue to collapse. It is difficult to carry out large-scale mechanical operations, and it is very difficult to rescue on site," he quoted further.

Following the landslide on Monday, CCTV reported that a total of 47 individuals from 18 households were initially reported missing. Sadly, the confirmed death toll now stands at 20, with an additional 24 people still unaccounted for. 

Moreover, the National Health Commission has stated that two people are hospitalized, suffering from injuries to the head and body.

At approximately 5:51 a.m. (2151 GMT), a landslide struck two villages in the southwestern city of Zhaotong, as reported by CCTV

A man who witnessed the landslide told the TV Station,  "The mountain just collapsed, dozens were buried,"  he even revealed that four of his relatives were among those buried under the rubble.

In response, two hundred rescue workers, along with numerous fire engines and additional equipment, have been dispatched to the scene. 

This tragic incident adds to a series of recent natural disasters in China, some triggered by extreme weather events, including sudden and heavy downpours.

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