Amidst tensions in Ukraine, Samarkand Medical University in Uzbekistan becomes a preferred destination for Indian medical students. Explore the surge in enrollment, language facilitation, and exemption from licensing exams, making it an appealing choice.

In the wake of ongoing tensions in Ukraine and a shift in global focus towards the Middle East conflict, Samarkand Medical University in Uzbekistan has seen a surge in Indian student enrollment.

Before the Ukraine conflict, the university had a modest count of 100-150 Indian students. However, since February 2022, a significant change occurred. The latest figures in 2023 reflect a staggering rise to 3,000 Indian students, including around 1,000 who were in the midst of their studies in Ukraine when the Russian invasion began.


Samarkand State of Medical University

Source: Mint

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Dr. Zafar Aminov, Vice Chancellor of State Samarkand Medical University, highlighted their efforts to accommodate this surge. The university hired over 40 Indian teachers to ensure seamless communication and learning in English, aiming to eliminate any language barriers. One student, Mohamad Aftab from Bihar, expressed satisfaction with the environment and teaching quality, noting that language was not an issue due to the diverse faculty from India and Pakistan. Another student, Vishal Kataria, shared a preference for familiarity and similarity to the Indian education system, highlighting the ease of adaptation.

Source: NDTV

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An interesting aspect is that students at Samarkand University are exempt from separate medical licensing exams in India after completing their MBBS there. Mrinal Kumar Ray, Consultant at Dream MBBS Abroad, highlighted this advantage, distinguishing it from other countries requiring licensing exams. The degree itself serves as the license, making it a preferred choice for many Indian students seeking medical education abroad.

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