Accenture has announced its investment of $3 Billion in AI over the next three years. It also aims to double its AI headcount to 80,000 through hiring, acquisitions, and training.

Accenture, a renowned global professional services company, has revealed its plan to invest $3 billion in its Data & AI practice over the next three years. The objective of this substantial investment is to support clients across diverse industries in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for responsible and rapid growth, efficiency, and resilience.

Accenture aims to expand its AI talent pool to 80,000 professionals by doubling its workforce through a combination of recruitment, acquisitions, and training initiatives. The company's investment will span across various areas, including assets, industry solutions, ventures, acquisitions, talent development, and strategic partnerships, with a focus on advancing skills and capabilities in diagnostic, predictive, and generative AI.

According to Paul Daugherty, the group chief executive of Accenture Technology, AI is expected to revolutionize industries, companies, and the way we live and work, with generative AI alone transforming 40% of working hours in the next decade.

To aid clients in their AI journeys and drive value, Accenture has introduced the AI Navigator for Enterprise platform, designed to facilitate business case definition, decision-making, architecture selection, and algorithm comprehension.

 Additionally, Accenture has established a Center for Advanced AI, which will play a vital role in optimizing the value derived from generative and other AI technologies.

In a statement, Chief Executive Officer Julie Sweet said there is “unprecedented interest in all areas of AI”.

“Companies that build a strong foundation of AI by adopting and scaling it now, where the technology is mature and delivers clear value, will be better positioned to reinvent, compete and achieve new levels of performance,” she added.

— Harshita Kumar

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