This article discusses OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman's response to an open letter calling for a pause in the development of powerful AI models like GPT-4, and his statement about GPT-5.

In response to the Open Letter Last Friday, CEO and Co-founder Sam Altman said Open AI is not working on bringing GPT-5 (for some time) after the recent model GPT-4.

CHATGPT has become a platform gaining millions of users day by day. However, this rapid growth is often the growing concern about its impact on safety,privacy and most importantly, employment.

In a recent event at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Altman talked about the open letter circulated to pause the development of probable other powerful Artificial intelligence than GPT-4. He said that letter was missing the technical view point about where the pause was needed. He also said as claimed in the previous versions of Open AI, they won’t be working on CHAT GPT-5 for some time.

So, we can assume that technology won’t be adding features with versions for quite some time. The open letter was sent to halt the development for the next six months by some leaders. 

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As per some sources, Sam Altman is well aware of AI’s impact on everyone.He also stated that his company will continue being honest about any developments. 

As mentioned in Business Today,the European Data Protection Board, highlighted that they would set a common policy for AI based on some privacy rules and establish a task force on ChatGPT.This was the effect of Italy’s decision on curbing ChatGPT as well as Germany's commissioner data protection indicating that it may follow up. Spain’s AEPD watchdog is also planning to investigate any data breaches by ChatGPT.

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