These companies are making strides in language learning, legal tech, robotics, audio/video editing, workspace organization, and more.

The year 2022 was exceptional in terms of technology and Artificial Intelligence. Ever since November, We’ve come across many such AI firms working for the same. There have been new inventions since then, but still, the world is fixed on the next steps of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Altman has a vision to grow Artificial Intelligence in the future and for that OpenAi startup has been investing in some of the emerging AI companies. Reportedly, OpenAi has even closed an investment fund of more than $175 million. The recent filing shows that the fund known as OpenAi Startup Fund 1st is now larger than what was anticipated.
By Now, The OpenAi Startup Fund has invested in various emerging AI Companies and many have even raised about multi-million dollars up until now. 

(Brief: OpenAi Startup Fund is a venture capital fund which is based in San Francisco, California. It’s located at 3180 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110, United States. It is the Parent Company of sensation CHAT Gpt. )

In addition to all these investments we are about to mention to you, Altman is committed to supporting developments in countries like India and South Korea which can further encourage the growth in the Industry.

Let’s have a look at those seven companies which come under the portfolio of OpenAi.:-

1. Speak 

It’s amongst the first startups that OpenAi supported by its fund. Speak, is a language learning mobile Application which uses speech recognition methods and even AI tutors in order to reach people to speak English. 

Andrew Hsu is the founder of Speak, which has raised about $16 million in a series B-2 funding round. This company has even raised $63 million and is even looking forward to expanding into more such markets including the United States. Speak is also available in the Plugin of Chat Gpt. 


Sam Altman’s Open AI even led a $5M round for Harvey and raised a total of $26M. Allen & Overy, which is one of the world’s largest law firms announced the interaction with Harvey, which will include 3500 lawyers across 43 offices. It was founded by Gabriel Pereyra and Winston Weinberg, Harvey is an AI technology service provider for legal workers. 

3. 1X

Bernt Øivind Børnich founded a company named, 1X formerly known as Halodi Robotics. The aim of this company is to augment labor by the safe use of some of the advanced technologies in robotics. This March, this company raised $23.5M by pushing the total amount raised by 1X to $36.5M. 

4. Charles AI 

This startup has AI received seed funding of about $250K from the OpenAI Startup Fund. As for now, no other details about the company’s operations have been disclosed.

5. Descript

OpenAI is even said to have invested millions of dollars in this company. Andrew Mason founded this application in order to edit audio and video into a simple text editor. Descript has raised about $100 million up until now. Descript even brought a remote recording system named SquadCast for an undisclosed figure.

6. Mem

It was founded by Eric Kim, This company named Mem is an AI-powered workspace. It can be personalized for organizing notes according to the needs In November 2022, OpenAI invested $23.5M. To date, the company has raised $29.1M.

7. Milo

Milo is also an AI assistant who helps in organizing and even planning tasks, messages, and some other functions by the family. Avni Patel Thompson founded Milo, It has raised an undisclosed amount of pre-seed and seed capital from OpenAi and various other angel investors. Public access to the application has not yet been granted. 

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