Enhance your cognitive skills with NYTimes Wordle 783 - August 11th, 2023. Guess the word using clues like vowels, greetings, and opposites.

“The more I practice the more luckier I get” - Arnold Palmer

Every day, Wordle presents us with its simple conundrum and poses a straightforward question: can you guess the word within six attempts? As the day progress, we're here to offer guidance with a set of hints. Today, we bring you NYTimes Wordle 783.

As the weekend approaches, allow some vocabulary to enrich your day, nudging you in the right direction. Wordle, a web-based game, which was developed by Welsh Software Engineer Josh Wardle. It mirrors the traditional pen-and-paper games, allowing even adults to recapture a hint of childhood joy amid their busy lives.

Before we proceed, a spoiler alert: we'll unveil the answer, but not before furnishing you with the clues to deduce it yourself.

Hint 1: It concludes with a vowel.

Hint  2: The second letter is also a vowel.

Hint 3: It's used in greetings.

Hint 4: It stands as the opposite of "Goodbye."

Feeling close to the solution, aren't you? Dedicate a bit more thought and anticipate the crescendo. Like every Wordle, this challenge is designed to stimulate your mind and enhance cognitive activity.

Without further ado, here it is...

The word of the day is "Hello."

Enjoy your Wordle experience!

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