This article explores how Christians around the globe celebrate Good Friday, which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The article discusses various traditions and activities associated with Good Friday, such as processions, performances, and fasting.

Good Friday is an auspicious day for Christians as they commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It falls two days before Easter Sunday, believed to be the resurrection day of Jesus Christ.

Holy Friday, Black Friday, Easter Friday, and Great Friday are other names for Good Friday. We don't have a fixed date for this event. It can fall any day between 22nd March to 23rd April.

People believe the crucifixion of Jesus took place on this day. So, why is it called “Good Friday”?

Well, some believe 'good' means pious or holy. Since Christians consider Jesus's death represents forgiveness for all human sins, and Jesus sacrificed himself for the welfare of people. Some say it's a variation on 'God Friday' and that the title originates from the phrase "God's Friday."

On Holy Friday, Christians do not eat meat and have hot cross buns. Also, many people eat fish rather than beef. People eat fish as they believe it comes from the sea, so it is a different kind of flesh.

Easter Friday is a national holiday in various countries, including India, Malta, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Malta,  Germany, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

How “GOOD FRIDAY” is celebrated around the Globe?

Let's look at a few of them.


Orthodox Christians commemorate Good Friday in Jerusalem | Al Arabiya  English

According to the Bible, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place in Jerusalem. So, it stands to reason that Good Friday is a spiritual and ceremonial occasion for the city and its people. Thousands of Christians go to Jerusalem every Good Friday to attend the activities and events of the day.

They bear crosses, pray, and sing hymns, making their way through the streets of the Old City along the Via Dolorosa (Way of Suffering or Way of Sorrows). Jerusalem's Christian religious leaders lead this event, and they pause to pray at each Station of the Cross.

United Kingdom

Good Friday in the United Kingdom

Many Catholics refrain from eating meat on Fridays, especially Good Friday. Annually, on Good Friday, Trafalgar Square in London hosts a free open-air performance.

A programme, "The Passion of the Christ", is presented by a group of Christian actors who depicts the story of Jesus from his arrest to crucifixion. People have fish, tea, chips and the most favourite hot cross buns (sweet yeast dough with dry fruits and cinnamon).


sicily good friday procession

Good Friday (Venerdì Santo in Italy) is not a national holiday in Italy. Companies are open as usual, although roads may become crowded later in the day as people prepare for the long Easter weekend.
In Italian churches, statues get covered in black or purple cloth. Large processions in which people carry religious symbols (like crosses) took place in the country. 

On this auspicious occasion, the main event on Great Friday is the Way of the Cross (Stations of the Cross) — Via Dolorosa in Rome, Italy.
People from across the globe assemble in the old city on Good Friday to see the Pope lead a torchlit procession.

Central America

Semana Santa (Holy Week in Spain) is a seven-day holiday in which thousands attend events and processions. Massive floats transport religious monuments to local churches, and a festive spirit pervades the area. 

Many countries in Central America use art to celebrate Holy Friday. Additionally, countries like Guatemala have a tradition of adorning the streets with flowers. People also march through the joyful streets of Guatemala carrying enormous floats and life-sized representations of saints.
They decorate ships travelling from island to island, where people present gifts to commemorate Jesus Christ's sacrifice for humanity.


Australia Good Friday

Fasting on Black Friday is observed by Catholic churches as a sign of sadness in Australia. One can find no public transportation or alcohol during this occasion. Devotees consume only three tiny meals a day without meat. Some people substitute fish for beef. It’s a tradition to eat hot cross buns here in Australia.

Many sporting activities take place throughout the celebrations. The Three Peaks Race in Tasmania, a three-tiered event, is the event to look for. Other popular activities include- The Brisbane to Gladstone sailboat race and The Easter Racing Carnival.

While Good Friday is a solemn event, it is also a time of hope and rebirth as we look forward to the happy celebration of Easter Sunday and Christ's resurrection. May this day serve as a reminder of immense God's love for us and inspire us to conduct our lives with thankfulness and compassion.

So how are you planning your “Good Friday”?


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