Read about the latest round of layoffs in the tech industry from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zoom. Learn who got the boot and why. Keep up with the Layoff Chronicles to stay updated on the current state of the corporate world.

Welcome to the world of tech, where innovation is as fast as layoffs. That’s right, layoffs are back, and this time the biggest names in the industry, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zoom, have joined the club. Startups are not lagging either, cutting across all sectors from crypto to enterprise SaaS.

If there's one thing we all can agree on, it's that 2023 has been an exceptional year for layoffs. Companies across the board have had to make tough decisions about their workforce, and we are here to give you the rundown on who got the boot and why.

Let's start with January, shall we?

Microsoft got the ball rolling on January 18th, announcing that 10,000 employees would be impacted. Waymo quietly laid off workers on January 24th, but it's still unclear how many of their staff will be affected. 

ShareChat laid off over 400 employees, a whopping 20% of their workforce, just a month after eliminating over 100 roles. And let's not forget about GoMechanic, who laid off 70% of its workforce on 18th January. Better luck next time, guys.

February was no different, with companies like GitHub laying off 10% of its staff and Affirm reducing its staff by a jaw-dropping 19%, or about 500 employees. Poshmark, on the other hand, confirmed that less than 2% of its workforce was affected, primarily in the U.S. (lucky ducks).

Sprinklr announced on February 15th that it would impact over 100 employees, which seems like a lot until you compare it to Twilio, which announced on February 13th that it would impact around 17% of their global workforce - that's 1,400 people! VinFast also had some trouble, cutting nearly 35 roles, and Chipper Cash relieved almost one-third of its workforce, about 100 employees.

In March alone, companies like Accenture, Indeed, Roofstock, Twitch, and Amazon have all announced massive layoffs, leaving thousands of employees out in the cold.

First on our list is Accenture, which announced on March 23 that it plans to cut 19,000 jobs or 2.5% of its workforce. Bravo, Accenture, for setting the bar high!

Next up is Indeed, who announced on March 22 that it will lay off 2,200 employees, or 15% of its staff. Who needs a job search engine when you are the one laying people off?

Roofstock is next on the list, with the company announcing on 22nd March that it has laid off 27% of its staff, approximately 100 employees. Looks like the housing market isn't the only thing that's crashing.

Twitch made waves when it announced on March 20 that it will lay off 400 employees. Looks like gamers aren't the only ones facing game over!

Amazon, not to be outdone, announced another round of substantial layoffs on March 20, with 9,000 people set to lose their jobs. It seems that even the world's biggest retailer isn't immune to the layoff craze.

Finally, we have Course Hero, who announced on March 16 that it has cut 15% of staff or 42 people. Looks like even the smartest among us can't escape the wrath of the corporate world.

We're not sure what's going on with these companies, but we can only imagine the conversations that must be happening in their boardrooms. "Should we cut marketing? What about R&D?" "Who needs HR anyway?" "Can't we just automate everything?"

The Layoff Chronicles is a sobering reminder that no job is safe in the current corporate world. Whether you're a tech giant or a small start-up, layoffs can happen to anyone. So, to all those who still have a job, cherish it – because you never know when the corporate axe might fall.

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