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How this CA student got to do his industrial training from one of the best investment banking company

  • I was mostly an average student when it came to academics.
  • I was the most active in sports activities, this taught me the foundation of “never giving up”.
  • I am currently doing my CA industrial training at JP Morgan Chase.

Hey there! I am Sharath Kumar.

I am a CA student preparing for my CA finals. Currently, I am pursuing my CA industrial training from JP Morgan Chase.

To be honest, I have mostly been an average student when it comes to academics but I have always been very active in sports and activities.

I believe it was due to my involvement in sports and activities that I achieved the kind of mindset I needed to push myself further ahead. 

Till grade 10th, I didn’t really have any goals. Subsequently, I opted for commerce in 11th standard and then went on to pursue my CA course.

It was a tough journey that I had undertaken. I realized that after failing a lot of my initial attempts at the CA exams. However, I stood my ground and kept striving hard.

Coming from an averagely academic orientation, most of my friends had left the CA course, but I persisted. My sports mindset helped me a lot in my CA IPCC exams. I gave every ounce of hard work I had to that exam.

I did clear my CA IPCC eventually.

The journey was tough for me as I believe it is, for all the students that prepare for this exam.

I also hadn’t really planned out much nor had I any guidance of any kind related to the journey I had undertaken.

It was in the first year of my articleship that I decided to pursue CA industrial training. And I really wanted to pursue it from a reputed firm.

The problem here was that I felt that I wasn’t skilled enough to pursue industrial training yet.

It was then that I came across job assistance services.

I came in contact with Jobaaj to seek guidance regarding how to crack CA industrial training at a good company.

I was then provided some one-to-one guidance and also given some course materials to upskill myself in finance technologies using Python.

It was enough to provide me the impetus I needed to crack my goals as well as upgrade my existing skills and give me some insight into the corporate world.

This also allowed me to build a powerful resume for myself.

Subsequently, I had managed to pursue CA industrial training at JP Morgan Chase!

It was in literal terms, a dream come true!

I am happy to have added this extra bonus to my resume and I am more than fulfilled to have gotten such a powerful opportunity.

In the end, I’d just say this,

Do what you like to do most, take time and think about what your goals are, and pave the way towards that career. Give your 100% and all the pieces of the puzzle shall fall your way.

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