Discover the inspiring journey of Reetesh Gupta, founder of, as he shares his story of resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of his entrepreneurial dream.

The creator of Beads & Fashion, Reetesh Gupta, lives in the center of Agra, a city known for its rich past and fine craftsmanship. In a recent podcast with Jobaaj Stories, he discussed his entrepreneurial career, which is an inspiring story of resiliency, flexibility, and the relentless pursuit of a dream.

Hailing from Tundla, a small town near Agra, Gupta's early years were spent managing his family's traditional grocery store, or as he puts it, a "parchune ki dukaan." 

To be completely truthful, Reetesh states, "I never wanted to be in my father's business, which was a regular grocery store." He longed for something greater, feeling devoid of inspiration and motivated by the idealistic lives he saw around him. He was even more determined to make his own path in spite of his father's reluctance.

His drive to explore unexplored areas was fueled by this motivation as well as his exposure to the developing export business while attending college in Agra. "I used to witness colleagues owning automobiles and riding motorcycles. That was not available in Tundla.” Gupta says, "I felt I had to leave home and pursue a different career path than my father's."

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Because he was an ambitious person, Reetesh decided to learn more about the export industry. "I started reading articles from newspapers and researching exporters. I started making trips to Delhi and other locations to meet with export industry professionals." He became aware of the enormous possibilities outside of his community as a result of this exposure.

Gupta started his journey with the glass bead and export industries in 1990. The first few years were difficult, mostly because of his ignorance of the workings of the online business world and the developing internet. "It took me three years in the beginning to get my first opportunity. I was basically out of a job for three years."I felt like I was on the right path internally, even though there was a lot of mental pressure," recalls Gupta.

These losses did not prevent Gupta from embracing the changing digital environment. He made his first website,, which is still up to date today, in 1999 by utilizing the power of emails and the internet. His firm achieved unprecedented success as a result of this turning point in his career. "My first webpage was up in 1999. I had the impression that this was the future even though I knew nothing about technology," he says.

Due to his company's rapid growth by 2001, Gupta was able to invest in a facility in Tundla and eventually expand to Agra. But the Great Recession of 2008 presented a serious obstacle, resulting in a drop in exports and the closure of numerous small companies. Gupta relates, "After the recession, almost 90% of small businesses dealing in beads, fashion jewelry, and similar sectors wound up."

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Gupta's business zeal was evident despite the challenges he faced. 2013 saw the birth of Beads and Fashion, a website devoted to DIY craft kits, after he modified his business plan. The technical difficulties of the internet business caused Gupta to suffer early losses, but he didn't waver. He improved his understanding of technology, moved past his blunders, and put the needs of his clients first. Since we were not tech-savvy at the beginning, we had difficulties with Beads and Fashion. After experiencing setbacks, we moved to Shopify and gained insight.

Currently, Beads and Fashion is a flourishing web-based enterprise catering to more than 10,000 clients each month, solely within the Indian market. Gupta plans to grow much more and hopes to soon hit 50,000 orders each month. He credits his success to his constant attention to the requirements of his customers, his readiness to innovate and adapt, and his unshakable faith in his vision. "Your customers are your deity.” Gupta says, "If you don't have customers, you have nothing."

As of right now, is more than just an online store. Connecting craftspeople, designers, and enthusiasts, it is a thriving network spanning over 20 nations.

"Our vision is to replicate the success of Etsy in India, empowering hobbyists and aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit." They are making great progress with their DIY Jewelry/Beads Kit and emphasis on quality and affordability.

Reetesh's story serves as a tribute to the internet's revolutionary potential, the value of being on the cutting edge, and the tenacity needed to succeed in the rapidly shifting corporate environment. His transformation from the proprietor of a small-town grocery store to a prosperous internet entrepreneur serves as an example for all would-be entrepreneurs.

As he put it, "The sky's the limit; don't lose hope." Gupta's story is a ray of light, showing us that everything is possible if you have the right attitude, patience, and flexibility in addition to a customer-focused mindset.

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