Discover the inspiring success story of Saheli Chatterjee, a Gen-Z entrepreneur who embraces the digital world, excels as a freelancer, and empowers others through her digital media agency and training center.

Online opportunities have changed the game over the past few years. By learning about and understanding the digital world, it's now possible to earn money from the convenience of your home. Today, we came across a fascinating success story of a Gen-z, Saheli Chatterjee who is determined to show that the curious will own the digital future

Early Life and Education

Meet Saheli Chatterjee, also Helly, a 22-year-old from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Growing up in Kolkata, she developed an early fascination with using technology in innovative ways. She studied English Literature at Bethune College and found her passion in utilizing her marketing and communication skills in her career.

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Career as a freelancer

Saheli showcased her talent and determination by securing her first freelance gig as a content writer at 17. Since then, she has mastered her skills and assisted numerous clients in enhancing their content and marketing strategies. Over three years, Saheli's expertise as a freelancer enabled her to generate an impressive revenue of over 75 Lacs+.

Saheli's passion for sharing knowledge and engaging with her audience led her to establish two YouTube channels. On her first channel, "Helly," she indulged in topics such as books, productivity, and the intricacies of student life. On her second channel, she makes videos on making money online, freelancing tips, and social media marketing. Through these channels, Saheli has built a loyal following while providing valuable content to her viewers.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Saheli Chatterjee is not only a skilled individual but also an entrepreneur. She founded AmbiFem, a digital media agency in launch management, social media marketing, and consulting for growing brands and businesses. Additionally, Saheli operates a virtual training center called Freelance 101 Academy, where she helps freelancers elevate their skills and achieve predefined targets through pre-recorded sessions, live interactions, and set modules.


She serves as the head of marketing at the 1% Club, an ambitious project aimed at developing the largest finance e-learning platform. Throughout her journey, Saheli has achieved notable milestones, including earning over 25 Lacs+ in less than 18 months as a freelancer, coaching over 2378 students in starting their freelance careers in service-based industries, and overcoming mental barriers to build the life of her dreams as her boss.

Saheli Chatterjee's expertise and remarkable achievements in the field of freelancing, social media, and digital marketing helped her to commit to success. Saheli's story is an inspiring journey for those who dare to dream and work hard to turn their visions into reality. She is an incredible example of what hard work and dedication can do.

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