She developed a healthcare application using Swift coding language to help individuals with eye misalignment and facial paralysis. Her dedication and passion for coding led to this recognition, showcasing the talent and commitment of young developers.

A 20-year-old Indian girl from Indore City is among the three winners of Apple’s WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge. 

Apple issued a challenge for all students across the globe to create an application using swift coding language. Proudly, One Indian Girl made it among the contest's three winners. The other 2 Student Winners included Marta Michelle Caliendo and Yemi Agesin.

Asmi Jain is a dedicated volunteer and a passionate coder. This passion helped her develop an application in healthcare to help her friend’s uncle. Her friend’s uncle had a brain injury which led to an eye misalignment and facial paralysis. She has developed the application with the purpose of strengthening eye muscles. Many others with eye-related injuries and conditions could benefit from her creation. 

Apple’s VP of Worldwide Developers Relations, Susan Prescott said, they were amazed to see the talent of young developers in the Student Swift Challenge. This not only demonstrated the next generation’s commitment to building tools that will improve life but also shows their willingness to embrace technology to be used in a creative way. 

Asmi Jain said that it was important for her to develop such an application that can improve the lives of people like him. She said that her next goal is to get feedback to ensure its efficiency before releasing it on App Store. She hopes to expand its usage in order to strengthen all facial muscles so that people can use it at their own pace.

On June 5, When WWDC23 will kick off these winners will get to attend it virtually or in person and witness the events, labs, and activities available.

- Kratika Agarwal

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