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Student stories: The CA journey of Harkiran Kaur

It’s not always easy to do the right things at the right time and I learned that all we need is self-confidence and optimism.


I am Harkiran Kaur.

I am a CA finalist as well as a research analyst.

I have over 9 months of experience working in an investment banking firm as an intern which I think is a great kick to my career progress. It has also given me the opportunity to deal with high-profile transactions so early in my career. 

From my schooling days, my academic performance had rather been quite mediocre except after in high school when my academic interests were renewed and I even scored top in my school in class 12th.

I mostly did my schooling from medium-profile schools. It was during college that I had started preparing for the course Chartered Accountancy.

I graduated from the University of Kota and also completed my CA IPCC along with it.

It was then after doing 8 months of my articleship from Kota that I transferred to Delhi where I started working for InvestAaj.

I had always wanted to work for a top investment banking firm so I kept upskilling myself. CA Aditya Jain sir and CA Saksham Agarwal helped me quite a lot in this journey of mine.

In all honesty, I had never planned any easy or subtle ways to get to my goals. For me, Hard work coupled with dedication and skill were my path to progress.

I always listened, respected, and took the advice of my parents and mentors, did the hard work, and never gave up.

It’s not always easy to do the right things at the right time and I learned that sometimes, all we need is self-confidence and optimism.

Apart from caring about what others think I’ve identified some themes that cause us to talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams like comparing ourselves to others, fear of failure, Impatience, excuses, etc. And I can safely say that I have now learned to handle these emotions and forge ahead in my life.

In the end, I am also extremely proud and grateful to have an awesome support system, which is my family and my mentors.

My most important goal right now is to clear my CA finals so that I can explore more in the same field. I am also excited to continue my education and indulge myself in many professional courses and see where life will take me.

In the end, all I have got is this to say,

“Just keep trying, and never give up!”

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