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Decoding my failure story: by CA Disha SureshKumar Daswani

I never thought that I will ever be so glad to write my story.

The girl with dreams in her eyes to make her parents proud and bring happiness to them by aligning their sacrifices with her achievements.

From being a topper to failing Chartered Accountancy in my first attempt, it broke my heart and created self-doubt on my existence.

But my family was supportive and my dad always had a dream to have his daughter be the shining star of the family.

And then in the lockdown, my dadaji went to the stars but told me that you will always stay happy and fulfill all your dreams and so I bucked up again and cleared my Chartered Accountancy.

In the lockdown, along with studying I started writing and gradually became a content writer too.

I didn’t even know what was content writing?

The very fact that we can get paid for writing was also known much later to me.

I just started penning down my heartfelt notions in a book and used to send it to my close ones via WhatsApp and people appreciated me and something struck my mind then.

Subsequently, COVID took a toll on my mental health, and then I thought about applying for Jobs on Linkedin. It was while doing that, that I came across some writings based on various topics and niches.

I started reading and loving them. Finding a job was difficult at the time, so I just decided to do what I loved. I wrote content on Linkedin, I studied for the CA exam and I moved on.

I wrote content and people approached me and appreciated my content as the emotion I created was lived and loved by all.

That’s where I found my passion for writing and it was at a time when I was totally unaware of things like niches, monetization, or personal branding. Something which I have learned now.

“You are your voice and you are the power that can feel and heal brands, and this thought made me so happy.”

That’s how my dull phase, a failure phase made me realize my passion!

An extremely sensitive girl who was always fearful and stressed had become someone who started making videos, writing content along with working at Infosys(My dream company) as a Chartered Accountant having a profile of Associate Consultant (SAP).

Now I also write content on various niches and have started aligning my Profession and passion both and now I also write articles on Finance, Lifestyle, and Mental health blogs.

I found my solace in writing and although it was initially difficult doing it, I got better. 

As the saying goes, if you love something that destiny is forced to fall in place.

You just need to have a burning desire of having a passion that makes you happy in the profession too.

CA(Chartered Accountancy and Content Aspirer) is what I love and to which I owe my respect.

In the end, failure was my biggest lesson and It taught me to value my CA journey. 

And you know what?

It gave me a return gift!

It turned me into a speaker, a writer, and a passionate poet.

And I shall always be the daughter of my dad and dadaji who is super happy to see me from the stars and are blessing me.

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