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CA Rajendra Sah: story of how one guy persevered to become successful defying all odds

In this edition of Jobaaj Stories, we present to you the inspiring story of CA Rajendra Sah, an accomplished Chartered Accountant, Founder of Speak and Learn Club, mentor, and public speaker.

Story of CA Rajendra Sah

I was born and brought up in a sixteen-member joint family in Nepal. 

My father was a kabadiwala (scrap dealer) and had seven children including me. I completed all my schooling in Nepal itself.  No one from my family was into studies so they all joined our father’s business after their schooling. But unlike them, I had different plans for myself. I didn’t want to settle in my life; I wanted to do something more, achieve more.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to leave my village and moved to Delhi after plus-two. I had a goal for myself, which was to become a Chartered Accountant. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

From language barriers to financial problems, the hardships I had to face were many.

Powering through the academic journey

I remember the days I sat clueless in my coaching classes, trying to make sense of the English and Hindi words that I heard. It was extremely frustrating to me because I was unable to understand the concepts. During those days neither I had any friends nor any guidance. Due to the same and many other reasons, I failed 8 times in IPCC (almost 5 years at the same level). This had created some self-doubt in me.

People also used to make fun of me for pursuing a CA course; they used to say “kabadiwala ka baccha kabadiwala hi banega” i.e. a scrap dealer’s son can become a scrap dealer only. It used to hurt me & motivate me at the same time. My repeated failures reminded me that there is something that needs to be changed in my life. I took it seriously and decided to transform my life.

I noticed that I was failing again & again because everyone in my circle was also failing. I realized that my circle should consist of people who force me to come up in life. I brought changes in my food habits, lifestyle.. everything. I was already bored studying the same books again & again. So I even bought a new set of books to have a fresh feeling. Thus with proper practice and hard work, I cleared my IPCC after multiple attempts.

And this transformation later helped me to clear my CA Final exams easily (which is considered to be one of the toughest levels of CA courses) which is nothing less than a miracle for me.

Life as a CA and a hustler

After becoming a CA, I worked in 3 private firms. But due to job dissatisfaction, I had to quit them. After quitting, I had to generate work for myself. I got into the training industry which was a dream for me. I was fortunate enough to find some mentors who helped me in this journey.

Now I’m the faculty for training programs conducted by the ICAI, ICSI, and other Institutes. In the past year itself, I conducted more than 200 sessions of training programs. During my CA preparation days; particularly after passing my IPCC Exams, I had thought of writing a book to guide CA Students. Later in the year 2019, I published my first book named “Success मंत्रा To Clear Exam” which is nothing but my learnings during CA journey. 

Today I’m also the Founder of Speak & Learn Club, (a public speaking & networking platform); partner at one of India’s PAN Based CA Firm SVARAJ & Associates; a mentor and motivational speaker for CA/CS/CMA students; a public speaker, and a health expert

I also have a YouTube Channel on my name and have been featured in various platforms like Proternity, SRCC’s wings of fire, and other YouTube channels as well.

I had faced many setbacks during all these years. But life taught me many lessons through them. I overcame many of my obstacles through sheer hard work. The journey continues. 

I have big goals and dreams to achieve, and I’m determined to give my best. We all are capable of achieving anything if we have that burning desire in us. The only condition is that we have to pay the price- i.e our hard work. Hope my humble story would have inspired you in some ways.

Thanks for reading!

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