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Imagine an internship offering an enticing Rs. 50,000 stipend for just 5 hours of daily work! 

This GenZ is boldly setting new intern expectations.

The Blue-eyed Chaiwala now owns a thriving cafe in London, proving dreams come true with dedication. And a unique school that serves only one student, emphasizing personalized education and growth.

Meanwhile, in China, an ambitious 10,000-meter drilling project seeks valuable natural resources, while India's citizenship renunciations reach a significant number of 87,026.

These stories interconnect, showing our ever-evolving world of aspirations and innovation. Stay tuned for more captivating updates!

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  1. The story of a woman who transformed the face of education.
  2. The distress in Manipur causes the Prime Minister to make a statement.
  3. Tata Group leading the way to boost electric vehicle production.
What the Newsletter holds
Shaheen Mistri: A Woman Who Transformed Educational Landscape
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PM Vows Justice for Manipur's Daughters: Guilty will not be spared
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Tata to Invest £4 Billion in UK Gigafactory, Boosting Electric Vehicle Production
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HR Speaks: 

Twinkle: No kidding! But let's be real, some might feel a bit lost on how to kickstart their data journey. Any friendly advice for them?

Charu: Totally get it! First things first, they need to get their data analysis skills on point. Tell them to check out Jobaaj Learning's Data Analytics course. It's an awesome place to start!

Twinkle: That's a fantastic idea! Showing off their data skills is key too, right?

Charu: You got it! Employers love to see real projects. Encourage them to build a cool portfolio and maybe even share it on their LinkedIn to attract recruiters.

Twinkle: I love that! Formal degrees might seem intimidating. Can they still score these data jobs without one?

Charu: Absolutely! Formal education is great, but Jobaaj Learning's course gives them practical skills that employers crave. Real-world experience is what sets them apart!

Twinkle: That's so reassuring! Our company's all about supporting our people. Any fun ideas on how to do that?

Charu: Oh, for sure! we can organize hackathons and webinars to level up their skills!

Twinkle: Charu! Those ideas are gold. Thanks for sharing your brilliance! And for more clarity for our readers, I am also attaching some related jobs!

Senior Data Scientist at Quantium 

C11 TTS Data Science at Citi

Data Specialist at Futurense Technologies 

Senior Data Scientist at Morningstar

Data Transformation Analyst II at S&P Global 

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