From quitting her well-paying corporate Job to mentoring 5000+ students: the story of CA Aayushi Garg


I am CA Aayushi Garg, a Transformation Coach, and Trainer. I am also a  qualified Chartered Accountant and an ex-PWC who quit her job in the prime of her career and this is about my journey of finding my path and the purpose of my life.

When I was preparing for CA entrance, I had only just heard of the Big 4s like most.

It still is one of my most cherished memories when on a very mundane day, I witnessed magic and 'heard from my own ears' that PWC wanted to interview me for an articleship. 

The rest is history. 

I was there, acing my role, working 12-15 hours like a true corporate boss lady, putting in my heart and soul and living a dream most only wished they would. 

Assuming you have a perfect job, a double-digit package in your early 20s, perfect seniors, perfect juniors, and a perfect office, would you still think of quitting your job? No, I suppose and you shouldn't perhaps but I did. I had it all and still felt that I didn't. 

Coming from a conservative family in Indore, this journey was not something I was given; it was a chosen one, a well-fought one, and a well-achieved one. There still however was a lot to be done, a lot to be achieved, and a lot to look forward to. 

I still remember, how stressed and uncertain I was to send that resignation email.

But I did it anyway!

I even went on a trip to KedarKantha, a snow trek to celebrate my decision!

Surviving those uncertain times 

During my notice period, I didn't have any clue about what I was going to do next. I kept on researching on few business ideas and other business opportunities. During my last few days in the office, I met a common friend who agreed to be my business partner only to back out after a few days. 

After coming back to my hometown in February 2020, I researched about few other opportunities but found nothing good enough to hold my interest. And at last, my ideas were crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. That's when I realized “Making the right decision is one thing, but proving it right is the real challenge.”

I spent weeks and months staring at the wall of my room contemplating how else I could create an impact. 

I then decided to facilitate a few Meditation Campaigns and also volunteered with a couple of NGOs working to support people facing the brunt of the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, a lot of CA aspirants known to family and friends were getting in touch for guidance as I had cleared all my CA exams in the very first attempt and you know word spreads fast amongst aspirants when they want guidance, so, many students approached me for guidance to clear their exams.

Now, being a lifelong learner and having invested in lakhs myself towards my own learning and growth. I took it as an opportunity to help them study well and make them experience the power of self-development. 

The Journey towards being a Mentor

A little background about me here, I had been a lazy student who believed in smart studies. I had my own techniques to study less and score more which I always wanted to share with students but could never do along with my job.

So, I decided to share my knowledge and techniques with all the students within my circle. It helped a lot of students. I was getting an overwhelming response. I thereafter conducted a series of online sessions and it proved to be a great success as the numbers kept increasing. I realized that this was something I could do better than anyone else. 

I structured all my learnings and experiences into different training programs for all students above 14 years

With my training programs, I help students not only to score well in exams but most importantly overcome their limiting beliefs and unleash their true potential. I focus on the holistic development of students where with the right habits, the right strategy, and the right mindset anything can be achieved in life. 

With my guidance and mentorship, hundreds of students who were stuck in their journeys could clear their exams smoothly. I still remember, I started training with a batch of just 8 students and as I am sharing my story here, 5000+ students have already participated and massively benefitted from my workshops. Apart from this, I often get invites to take sessions by various institutes and platforms, including youtube channels and I have been fortunate enough to enrich the lives of thousands.

The kind of love and appreciation I receive from all of my students is something that fills my heart with deep gratitude every single day and this reminds me of these lines said to me by one of my mentors: 

That what's in you and expressed will set you free,

What's in you and not expressed will eat you inside.

My aim is to contribute to nation-building by creating a powerful army of students with warrior-like confidence who become the leaders of tomorrow. My journey has just begun. I still have a long long way to go.

But I am happy that I've finally found my purpose and there's no greater joy for me in this world than helping people transform their lives. 

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