Explore the inspiring journey of CA Uma Krishna, who, fueled by determination, broke age barriers to become a Chartered Accountant at 51. Overcoming challenges, she now mentors others, proving dedication knows no age limits.

In this fresh edition, Jobaaj Stories brings to you the chronicles of Uma Krishna, an iron-hearted lady, who through her penchant for academic, her will to get empowered and her sheer dedication and hard work decided to become a CA at the age of 46, and she became one at 51.

A mother, a teacher at heart, and a fighter by soul, she strived hard throughout her life and never ceased to do so.

After completing her graduation in chemistry and her Masters in English language and literature, she pursued teaching for 20 years. After marriage and after having 2 kids, and having taught for 20 years, you wouldn't expect a woman to make such a drastic change in her life, but she did.

Reinventing Herself Through Determination

Born and brought up in Kollam, Kerala, Uma Krishna hailed from a middle-class family.

It was her husband who first suggested she take the company secretaryship course from the Institute of Company Secretary of India(ICSI).

While the volume and intensity of the CS course took her by surprise, it also rekindled her pre-existing love of academics and renewed her passion to study and make it to the top.

After getting a far above-average score in her CS executive exams, she decided to go for CA the course and went ahead and registered for CA IPCC(Intermediate) through the direct entry scheme.  

Remember though, she did all of this at the age of 46, when her two kids were in 8th and 11th grades. She managed the household work, the studies as well as looking after her kids and she did it all perfectly (Talk about a super mom!)

Although she had almost no accounting knowledge whatsoever previously, she got coaching for this and ultimately 9 months later, she cleared CA inter in the first attempt and stood second in the district.

She also got the highest marks in Advanced Accounting!

Just imagine! A 46-year-old woman with no accounting knowledge who had been an English teacher for most of her life achieved this much in her first attempt!

It speaks volumes about the human spirit and what it can do if one sets their mind to something.

Breaking Through The Barriers

After smoothly breezing through the 7 papers of the CA inter, the road seemed fairly easy for Uma Krishna, but there were problems to come!

After 3 years of articleship training, she was ready to prepare for her CA Final exams.

It was a 9 months window, but the CA final was a steep road and at the time she struggled with financial and emotional crises.

Her father's demise also added to her emotional baggage but she pulled through.

Though she was not able to clear the CA final in her first attempt as she wished to, she persevered, and finally, in Nov 2018, she cleared CA final Group 1 in her 4th attempt, subsequently, she also cleared CA final Group 2 in May 2019 in her first attempt.

Thus, in 2019, at the age of 51, she had added 2 precious letters to her name!

She is now CA Uma Krishna!

Living The Life Of A CA At Age 51

Society keeps forgetting about the capabilities of women and the patriarchy ingrained in our society rears its ugly head at these times, but there are some incidents that freshen up the society's perspective and inspire women to fight against patriarchy and be empowered.

Uma Krishna becoming a CA at age 51 is just this kind of incident.

Her becoming CA got viral on various social media platforms and people were in awe, people were inspired and above all else, people were proud!

She got the appreciation that she so justifiably deserved for her dedication and hard work.

After becoming a CA, she headed a team of paid assistants for an internal audit of the electricity department of a union territory nearby her residence. 

She has attained both respect and financial freedom and best of all, she has set an unbreakable standard for all people about how age is just a number and how dedication and hardworking can make anything possible.

Even after becoming a CA though, she couldn't say bye to the multitasking.

Currently, she practices as a CA but she also mentors and teaches CA aspirants.

Her hard work and dedication continue!

Follow the inspiring journey of CA Uma Krishna up close by connecting with her on her social handles, https://linktr.ee/caumakrishna.uk

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