Hey there! I am Saksham Agarwal, a chartered accountant, a stock market enthusiast, the founder of Jobaaj groups, and most importantly, a MENTOR....

  • Hey there! I am Saksham Agarwal, a chartered accountant, a stock market enthusiast, the founder of Jobaaj groups, and most importantly, a MENTOR.
  • I have been involved with the capital markets for more than 6 years now, and have trained over 10,000+ students in the domain.
  • Right now, I am on a mission to build an ecosystem that trains students with practical, result-oriented learning and helps them kickstart their dream careers.

Being brought up in an education-centric family, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a fine academic spirit. But I was also equally enthusiastic about sports and non-academic activities right from the beginning.

I achieved my international Baccalaureate diploma in 2013. Although my IB diploma didn’t prepare me well enough for a career in accounting, it was my father who insisted that I pursue the CA program. (He is a CA too)

In the next few years, I breezed through the CPT and IPCC exams and landed an articleship in PWC in the audit division.

By the year 2019, I was prefixed by the letters ‘CA’ before my name, with the All India highest score in the CA SFM final.

Note that it took me 6 years instead of the optimal 5 because I had to skip a year due to a documentation problem. 

Yes! A documentation problem cost me a year. (That might be the reason why after that day, I am super-attentive while filing any kind of documentation.😅)

My enthusiasm for the stock market

I have been involved with the capital markets ever since I can remember. I started out during my CA preparation and over time delved deep into the knowledge behind it. Trading and investing in the capital market has always been a trait in my family so I had got a unique pedigree for it.

I always had the tendency to document my learnings. I was an extensive note-maker. So when I began serious trading, I was documenting everything aggressively.

In my learning journey, I too bear many losses. And with each loss, I was able to learn more and more. I had heard a lot about people who faced losses large enough that it ended their trading careers.

Fortunately, my losses always remained sustainable and constrained. Over time, I learned how to maintain my risk/reward ratio. And with each loss, I always remembered to document my journey.

Upon the completion of my CA final, I dived head-first into entrepreneurship. (business blood ran in my family)

In 2019, I laid the foundation of my most successful venture yet, Jobaaj! It was the most challenging time I had ever faced because as a startup owner, you are practically trying to handle everything on your own without any real care for your own work-life balance.

But even during this time, I kept my trading life intact. By then, I had also begun creating informational content about the stock market. I recorded several lectures and created structured notes of my entire trading experiences and processes.

But I was ready for taking the next step!

Mentorship Journey

When I launched my first program, Stock Market: technical analysis, I was a bit apprehensive that it would get any results at all!

Contrary to what I thought, I was overwhelmed! 

The response was pretty amazing and so I began to work even harder on adding more value to my lectures and my knowledge.

I realized that the capital markets space was filled with malicious entities. I had heard and even personally seen many young traders get brutally scammed by ‘so-called’ traders and market experts in the pretense of ‘market expertise’.

That’s when I decided to scale up my content even higher. My mission was simple, provide high-quality and easy-to-understand content for new market enthusiasts BEFORE they get scammed or worse get stuck in market losses.

I decided to get more expertise onboard. After reaching out to some of the top market experts in the country, I decided to lay the foundation of Jobaaj Learnings, an Edtech platform that could upskill students with application-based practical learning.

I even managed to get in coordination with renowned CA faculty Aaditya Jain to give me more insights into how we could add even more value to our stock market programs.

Inspired by those insights, we went on to reach an even wider audience base. During the pandemic, when there was a CLEAR surge in the number of people entering the stock market, we noticed that a lot of these youngsters didn’t have a clue about the market and many of them ended up taking heavy losses.

During those circumstances, we even decided to make a lot of our courses FREE for the general public to raise market awareness.

Ever since then, we have NEVER ceased to grow.


With insights from top mentors and faculties across the country, I was able to create high-value-added programs and short courses on a variety of concepts revolving around the capital markets.

Not only that!

We began onboarding top mentors from across the country and began upskilling students all across India in different domains like Data, Consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, and more.

Cut to today, Jobaaj Learnings has grown into a pan-India presence with 10000+ new students benefitting each month with our upskilling initiatives.

Till now we have been able to help out more than 100k students and professionals upskill and land their dream opportunities. (Even had a whole celebration when we hit that metric)

We still have a long way to go. 

And we know for sure that we are on the right path for it!


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