Here is the life journey of CA Mohit Gupta, an options trading expert and a mentor having trained 13000+ students in options trading...

Hi! I am Mohit Gupta! A chartered accountant, an ex-Barclays, a passionate trader, and a Mentor!

At the age of 25, I have trained more than 13000+ students in the fundamentals of F&O trading, I personally have leveraged a stock portfolio of Rs 20,000 to Rs 40 lakhs, and I have left my high-paying job at Barclays to focus on my one true passion, that is, trading and teaching!

But it all started with some major failures.

As far back as I can remember, I had been an awfully below-average student.

In fact, at one point, when I was in 10th grade, I was suspended for my antics and mischief for 15 days! Worst of all, I performed horribly in 10th grade. So I couldn’t really see any prospects for my future myself.

A history of bouncing back

If there is one thing in particular in my journey, it's that I always bounced back after my failures.

After performing miserably in my 10th(even being suspended), I managed to top the school in my 12th. In fact, I was also featured in various newspapers for that.

And I guess that’s where my journey of bouncing back from failures began!

I had joined the SD college in Chandigarh, but being engaged with the elections and the politics there, my academics and my career took a hit!

That’s when I decided to drop college and focus on my CA preparation. (I literally dropped my college)

I breezed through my CA foundation and cleared it on the first attempt. (a feat that none in even our extended family could ever achieve.

My confidence knew no bounds, unfortunately, that led to yet another failure. I failed in the IT-SM subject of CA Intermediate. But again, that gave me the motivation to bounce back even stronger.

So when it came to my CA finals, I cleared it on the first attempt, WHILE securing an all-India high score in FSCM.

My articleship period was an amazing experience too! During my very first articleship, I was given the audit for the Delhi international airport. I was supposed to go to the airport and carry out the audit process and that was fascinating in itself.

I explored multiple industries in my article ships and was able to gain practical and industry-centric knowledge in profuse sectors like pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Auto parts, power generation, Real estate, financial services, etc.

During my last articleship firm, I was also able to learn about holistics, forensic auditing, fraud detection, and much more. 

My articleship period was extremely enriching for me AND it was also during my articleship period, that I found my life’s greatest passion!

My fascination with the stock market


In our CA final exam prep, we were supposed to choose an elective subject. I instinctively went for the Financial Services and Capital Markets subject.

Although I had been investing in mutual funds for a while now, I started my Demat account in 2017. That’s when I started getting actively engaged with the stock market.

At the time, I used to receive a stipend of 1,500/- from my articleship. I saved it regularly and then managed to start investing with my savings of Rs 20,000.

I used to read everything I could about stock trading and the various other segments of capital markets. This was the time when I was obsessed with learning! Till now, I have read more than 50+ books on stock trading and its derivatives and I continue to keep going on.

I browsed through all the internet resources, youtube channels, and anything that I could get my hand on, to learn in more depth about how I could perfect my trading strategies.

For the initial 5-6 months, I too bear losses more than profits. But I learned a lot from that period. 

I gradually learned how to manage my risk/reward ratio. My hunger for learning helped a lot in that.

By then, I had also opened a telegram channel where I used to share all my learning resources and trading tips. At one point, the channel grew by quite a lot. In fact, a lot of my subscribers had requested mentorship sessions.

It was then, that I decided to take my first step in mentorship.

Throwing hands with mentorship

I started a mentorship program wherein I taught technical analysis of a trade right from scratch. I opened 100 slots for the mentorship program and all of them filled up pretty soon.

That was my first contact with mentorship. It also gave me the confidence to push harder on my teaching passion.

I started putting videos on youtube regards my own learnings and my tips for stock market trading. Pretty soon I was getting a really good response from it and a surge in my subscriber count.

By now, I had managed to leverage my portfolio to 23 Lakhs!

I should also mention that by this point, I had cleared my CA finals and was placed as Business Analyst at Barclays! (which is like the dream company for many CAs)

I was responsible for managing the investment banking portfolios of corporates, and It was just the kind of challenging role that I had wanted.

However, I still continued to keep my mentorship phase going on.

One of those days, I was contacted by Aaditya Jain, one of the leading faculties for CA preparation in India. He wanted to onboard me as a lecturer for online courses and I was more than amazed at the prospect.

In 2020, I was met with a setback when during covid, I couldn’t continue the video lectures with Aaditya Jain classes. 

So I decided to launch my own program on the fundamentals of ‘stock market and trading’. I had already built a good audience on telegram as well as youtube so my program got the response that I expected.

Scaling my student base from 100 to 13000+

Around this time, I had also received an offer from Goldman Sachs, but I had to decline it most painfully because even though it's like one of the best investment banks you could work with, it would have put an end to my mentorship career.

So I declined the offer and pushed my mentorship program with 100% effort!

I then finally got an offer from Jobaaj Learnings to be a part of their upskilling initiative. This was exactly the kind of offer that ALIGNED with my goals.

I was given a pan-India platform to share my learnings and my 5+ years of trading experience.

And I went crazy with it! I started designing the course, compiling everything I knew, and trying to structure it in a way that could make it as easy as possible to understand!

I think I did a good job. I am not sure, but the feedback that I have received from my students yet has always been wonderful.

Till now I have trained more than 13000+ students in my workshops relating to options trading and the stock market. And the counter keeps going up.

So if you want to be a part of those workshops too, feel free to register. (The workshops are in fact FREE).

A few words for stock market beginners

I always stress the importance of COMPLETE knowledge when it comes to the stock market, especially when it comes to the F&O segment.

Futures trading is a complicated financial tool and if properly used, it can deliver consistent and safe profits to its user.

But it should only be operated after having complete knowledge of this financial tool.

So if you are someone who is beginning his/her F&O trading journey, just make sure that you have the right knowledge and resources to safeguard your funds.

As I always say in my workshops, “Profitable Options Trading is nothing but simply a combination of High Probability and Risk Management.

So if you are someone who can take the time to learn HOW to do that, then go ahead! Because once you master the fundamentals of options trading, you will be able to build a stream of consistent profits.

I also conduct weekly FREE workshops on the fundamentals of options trading and how one can start making money with options trading. So feel free to join in. You might learn a thing or two! You can register for the workshop here!

Journey Ahead

I have realized that being a mentor is my passion and it is something I plan to pursue for a long time! My mission right now is to propagate financial literacy all across the country.

I believe students should be taught how to manage their personal finances right from school.

And colleges all across the country should push training programs to make students financially literate about the stock market, its derivates, and other segments.

I have also realized that complete knowledge about the stock market right from the very beginning is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to start trading. But there is a clear lack of structured resources on the subject.

Even if such comprehensive and practical training programs exist, they are too expensive to be considered affordable by a normal person.

So I and my team have been collaborating with colleges to create stock market training programs that are comprehensive, dynamic, and practically applicable.

Most importantly, the colleges will be responsible for providing scholarships to students so that they can easily learn how to trade smartly in the stock market and be more responsible with their risk management.

Currently, I am devoting all my energies to this mission.

I do hope, I succeed.

Wish me luck!

And if you got any questions or queries you’d like to ask me about my journey or learn about options trading, feel free to join my free workshop! Register here.

Thanks for Reading


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