Meet Mahendra Thakur, an Analytical Consultant with a background in engineering, who found his passion for consulting analytics at ZS Associates. Learn about his journey, experiences, and his new venture in healthcare mentorship. Join his transformative workshop to embark on a learning adventure in the healthcare field.

  • Greetings! I am Mahendra Thakur, a solutionist. 
  • Professionally, I serve as an Analytical Consultant, and my educational background is in the field of Engineering. 
  • Since my childhood, I have harbored a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution to the greater good of society. 
  • Having over 5 years of experience, I have worked in multiple domains including product owner, Technology Analyst, Business Analyst, and Data Analyst 

Read my story till the end to get something new to learn.

My Journey to an Analytical Consultant

Embracing the array of opportunities that life presents, my journey unfolded in the vibrant city of Vellore during my pursuit of a B.Tech degree with a specialization in Electronics and Communication. From securing placements with esteemed MNCs to ultimately finding my professional home at ZS as a Business Technology Associate Consultant, my path has been a dynamic one. Evolving through roles such as business analyst, technology analyst, and product owner, I've had the privilege of working with diverse tools and technologies, including Python, SQL, and data integration tools like Airflow and Azkaban.

Throughout my college years, I actively participated in various projects and chapters, including IEEE and TPMS. As the founder and president of projects, I gained valuable experience that served as a solid foundation for transitioning into the consulting field. Notably, my project focused on the "next generation smart wheelchair," capturing the attention of the interviewer and ultimately leading to my successful placement through an on-campus drive at ZS Associates.

My Experience at ZS

Moving ahead, ZS Associates is a management consultancy and technology firm that works side by side with companies to help drive customer value and Solve their business challenges. 

Initially, I was interviewed by ZS Associates for the role of Business Technology Analyst, where they had 5 rounds of interviews. While the first four rounds involved written and case study-based assignments along with some technical questions, the final one came as a game changer. For the final round, they asked me questions related to my Next Generation Smart Wheelchair project and I impressed them by delivering excellent answers

While studying, I was not totally inclined toward the core coding and electronics field, but I found my true calling in Consulting Analytics. This realm, centered around problem-solving, fueled my passion for contributing to broader society. At ZS, where our focus extends to Pharma clients impacting lives, I discovered a sense of purpose that has kept me dedicated for five years and counting. Along this journey, I've achieved two promotions and stand on the brink of the third, reaffirming my commitment to continuous growth and impactful contributions.

Transitioning into a mentorship role

Embarking on my mentorship journey marks around 5 and a half years with ZS Associates. Just a year into my tenure, the role of onboarding new team members became part of my responsibilities as a team lead. Taking charge of the screening process during onboarding was an eye-opener for me. It dawned on me that sharing knowledge, guiding newcomers, and participating in team-building activities were significant aspects that propelled me towards mentorship, driven by the desire to make a positive impact.

Beyond the realm of ZS Associates, the transformative influence of Ed-tech in society inspired me to join Jobaaj. There, I am initiating my own Analytical Consulting course, specifically centered around the healthcare field. Through this leap, I've come to realize that not everyone possesses the skill of being an effective teacher—a skill I believe I have. With this new endeavor, I step into the mentorship field, aiming to inspire and make a lasting impact.

To all future participants in my upcoming classes, I want to convey this simple yet powerful message: "With a mindset geared towards learning, you can reach any pinnacle of success."

If you're eager to embark on a learning adventure in the healthcare field, join me in this transformative workshop. Here's the link to register for my workshops

Happy learning, See you in the workshop!



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